Use a sex messenger to find genuine sex contacts

With the new dawn, when we are all buried with social media post, with all kinds of images that are taking away our attention, somehow we are reminded of our need to connect with one another and yet, somehow we end up feeling alone. It seems as that social media is not as great of a connector as it was initially intended to be. There is something that is dividing us with all this insta connecting that is leaving us with that hollow feeling inside, that seems to be telling us that, hey, maybe we are not as connected as we initially thought. Maslow theory of human needs places connecting on a second ladder after our primal needs. So what’s up? Why is this feeling still bothering us, even though we are living in 2018? You can see how many sex contacts are looking for sex right here at

Dating can be a tedious act, one that requires lots of emotional investment and it requires of us to be on top of our selves. Gathering up the energy to be the best self that we can be, is not as easy as the Continue reading Use a sex messenger to find genuine sex contacts